Why retreats are important to - Allison Maxwell

Allison, Yoga and Retreats

I first became interested in health and well-being over thirty years ago while studying for a degree in Nutrition. During this time I also discovered Yoga, initially as a release from the pressures of student life. It had an immediate effect, helping with sleep and stress and I was hooked.  Following my degree I trained with the British Wheel and have been practicing and teaching yoga for the past 20 years.   

Yoga retreats have always been important to me and over the years I have attended many residential courses and training events in the UK, I have also travelled to India, to fully immerse myself in Yoga, on a number of occasions. This experience has given me an excellent insight into understanding the essential ingredients of a good, relaxing retreat.  

As a mother of two children I fully understand that people often struggle to take time out from the daily grind to relax, with a full week or even a weekend retreat may seeming impossible for some. With this in mind I decided to launch a one day retreat at the Clover Mill. The initial trial was so popular that I was soon able to add additional dates and what started as mainly local participants now attracts people from across the UK. 

The immersion in yoga for a full day gives you the ability to focus, without any distractions, on deeper yoga practices. It is time for yourself and time to truly relax. A one day yoga retreat will enable you to experience a range of yoga practices that can not be covered in a normal weekly class. This allows you to totally relax and immerse yourself in some valuable ‘me’ time.

Even if you are new to yoga, most retreats really are suitable for all levels of yoga. These include total beginners and more experienced and a wide age range usually attend. 

My style is Hatha yoga, a gentler form of yoga and a typical day will include; 

•    Pranayama (breathing practices)
•    Asana (postures) 
•    Deeply relaxing yoga Nidra

As well as an exquisite Ayurvedic lunch and optional treatments you will have the opportunity to take a relaxing walk through the grounds to enjoy the beautiful relaxing countryside. 

The Clover Mill Yoga Retreats
Allison has been running One-Day Yoga retreats at The Clover Mill Ayurvedic Spa in Worcestershire, for almost three years now.  The Clover Mill Ayurvedic Spa is the perfect place to relax and enjoy one of the popular one-day yoga retreats. The yoga days are taught in the Hatha style of yoga making them suitable for any age or ability. Currently there are two one day retreat dates this Spring and one in November. Click on the link to find out more about Allison's retreats.