Time for a Yoga Retreat - 5 reasons to make 2016 your year to go - by Kirsty Gallagher

Time for a yoga retreat…

Ever wondered whether a yoga retreat is for you? Here are my top 5 reasons to make sure that 2016 is finally the year that you take that long dreamed about yoga retreat...

1)    Time for YOU
There is a huge difference between going on holiday and going on retreat. Even the word itself tells us that its all about allowing yourself the treat of time out. Quite often holidays can be more about doing, a retreat is simply about being. A yoga retreat is a time where you can completely switch off from the outside world and focus purely on yourself and your own needs and wellbeing. Most retreats will encourage you to leave the outside world behind, step away from all stresses and drains on your time and energy and instead put your focus on doing less and being more. Imagine a week where for once you only need to think of yourself and what it is that you want to do in each moment - that’s the treat that a retreat offers you. 

2) Nourish from the inside out
If you’re looking to cleanse your body, mind, heart and soul then look no further than a yoga retreat. The delicious healthy, living food that most retreats are notorious for will help nourish and cleanse your body from the inside out, and the best part is that you won’t need to lift a finger in preparing it! Your mind and emotions will be taken care of through your daily yoga practice and possibly meditation and you may even get to speak to your soul as you take time out in the nurturing environment of a retreat, helping you to find answers or a new direction. The best thing of all is that you'll take away with you heaps of new inspiration and ideas of things you can incorporate into your daily life to help keep the retreat magic alive...

3) Deepen your practice
A retreat really will take your practice to the next level. Whether you've been practicing yoga for a while now, you've just heard all about it and are keen to experience the magic for yourself, you’ve just started and caught the bug or need a kickstart to get you back on your mat. Whatever your reasons or levels of yoga experience a retreat will help you to go beyond and possibly even soar above! Most retreats will include twice daily yoga, which in itself will increase your strength, flexibility and your awareness of your own practice more than you would ever believe. You’ll be amazed at the difference you can make in a week and with the main focus of your day being about you and your practice its the perfect time to explore new things in your practice and you're guaranteed to go deeper.

4) Relax, restore, renew
The main focus of a yoga retreat is often to help you to feel really, really good in every way, so no matter what your initial reasons for going a yoga retreat will leave you feeling cleansed, restored, recharged, refreshed, renewed and inspired! Time out from your day to day life and a possible digital detox is enough in itself to help you feel deeply rested after just a week, but imagine adding to that time to relax by the pool, walk in the countryside, curl up with a book or take an afternoon nap every day and you can see why a yoga retreat can help you to feel like brand new!

5) Because you're worth it
This is probably the best reason of all! We often do so much for others without ever stopping to fill ourselves back up. You probably wouldn't think twice about treating or spending money on a loved one yet you'd think twice and probably three or four times before doing the same for you. Then come the excuses, the reasons "shouldn't" and the million other things you should do or spend on instead. You more than anyone else deserves to be treated and taken care of and remember that if you aren't happy, healthy and inspired you can't hope to make anyone else around you happy, healthy and inspired. By doing this for yourself you actually do give back to all those around you. 

text © Kirsty Gallagher 2016