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Yoga and meditation retreat weekend to explore and reveal your Dharma

Get ready to unwind and work on your Dharma on this weekend retreat held at Noddfa, in North Wales in the leafy month of October. As the trees allow their leaves to fall and let go of what is no longer needed, so will you. From a clean slate, a blank page, your purpose , or Dharma will shine through. We will practice yoga and meditation in a addition to particular exercises to help you reveal or work on your Dharma. It really is a time to be excited. When we know what we are here for, it's difficult not to feel joy, practically most of the time.... even when things seem tough, our objective view of the bigger picture makes things seem so much easier to work through. We become more resilient and determined to do what allows us to shine. 

This weekend will include Hatha yoga, Yoga Nidra, exercises/ meditation, allowing you to explore your Dharma (purpose) and provide you with guidance and direction. The practices invite you to have 'tea and conversation' with your body, mind and spirit, enabling you take your next steps on your path with peace and joy.

An example of a typical day's schedule: Morning yoga and meditation, followed by lunch. Some free time on the Saturday. Yoga Nidra, exercises and discussion later in the day. The exercises are not necessarily always physical.... working on your dharma (purpose) is a big part of this weekend.

Pricing: £200 includes instruction and accommodation and full board. Rooms are single unless you request a shared room. bathrooms are shared, usually between two rooms. Food is vegetarian.

Please contact Jillian Edmundson using the form below or visit the website HERE

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